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Remote sign language interpretation service now available to Compassion's Foundation clients

Updated: Apr 26

Compassion's Foundation has been awarded remote sign language interpretation services through Activating Change’s National Sign Language Interpreter Service.

"We now have the ability to safely accommodate deaf victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with the help of Activating Change,” said Lacey Ogle, executive director of Compassion’s Foundation.

“This is a huge deal for us in victim service relations. I strive to have it to where the shelter will have the ability to provide efficient and confident victim services to all victims of domestic violence and sexual assault no matter what the hurdle may be.

“Accessibility plays a big role in whether a victim receives the appropriate help that's needed or not. Breaking barriers in the accessibility of services to the deaf community is not only a matter of justice but also a matter of innovation. By creating a more inclusive and diverse delivery of services, we can foster new ideas, perspectives, and solutions that benefit everyone. We must work together to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met,” Ogle said.

Activating Change’s Sign Language Interpreting Service for Deaf Victims closes the communication gap for deaf victims of crime by providing qualified, trauma-informed remote sign language interpretation services – using safe and secure technology – free of charge to victim service providers.

The service also provides expert guidance, tools, and resources to strengthen the organization’s capacity to effectively secure, prepare, and work with sign language interpreters of different specializations, including deaf Interpreters and trilingual interpreters.

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